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        ROLL N' GRO

      Makes Hair Grow

       Stops Hair Loss


Natural Hair Growth Stimumator

Stimulates Blood Flow To The Scalp

Prevents hair loss in 30 days!

Promotes hair growth in 90 days! 

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                           Triple Crown Pen Light




VariZapper frequency device has become widely used and

is an integrated part of holistic protocol. The VariZapper is the

most innovative Zapper on the market, bringing continuous

 improvement while being true to its orgins: Basic Zapper.

The VariGamma is a frequency generator that allows you to

use all frequencies.    


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Custom Cards Made for the VariZapper. If you already own a VariZapper or wish to purchase one, see the above lists, choose the frequencies of choice, make a list, email them to me. 25 steps per card, $21.50 per card, shipping included.

I suggest having a detox card made. All disease come from parasites and pollutants. The Zapper mode built in will kill parasites and more. The detox card, heavy metals, general toxins, depleted urainium, (soldiers), chemicals, more.


 When zapping use the criss cross set up for most effective results.Put wet straps one wrist strap on your left foot, the other on your right fingers for one session then switch.

Cancer: Melanoma 857.77, 795.61, 545.68, 434.00, 321.20, 212.75, 102.25

Detox Depleted Uranium, 38.1, 41.07, for soldiers\
Combat Disorders: 0.11, 0.24, 0.70, 0.97, 112.75, 217.50, 435.27, 657.50, 895.00, 925.27,


You would program these frequencies into your VariGamma or I can make a custom card for your varzapper to kill these cancer cancer cell,  These are targeted just for Melanoma creating an environment it can no longer live so cancer cells have to die.

 This is just to illustrate the way this works.

See Dr Rife, Dr Clark, Updated Worldwide

Frequency Lists in the Above Navigator.

All you need to know about zapping click here



VariZapper Engine 

VariZapper/Gamma Engine

The VariZapper comes in a padded
black hard-shell plastic case complete with VariBase
base unit, VariZapper Module and all accessories you
need to get started (cable, wristbands, 9V block battery, 2 pairs of gel
electrodes). Simply stick the program driver in the slot and start.

The VariZapper has 3 standard programs: regular zapping (7-20-7-20-7 min),

Duration zapping (60min non-stop zapping),

Zappicator function (groceries zapping/zappicator board needed).

      food zapping

Includes 3 standard programs.
● Timing program and the food zappicator selector.
● Timer function shuts off automatically when program is done..
● Run Varizapper with health cards.
● Run cards either on Varizapper or Varigamma.
● Dr Hulda Clark frequencies
● It consists of a base and a module.
● The base can be used for other vari-units.
● 24 Months warentee
● 30 day money back guarentee
Worldwide Shipping to over 70 Countries.

Only $294.00

Special $279.00



VariGamma Programable

Frequeny Generator.Same features as the Varizapper only programable up to 25 steps, accurate from 1 to 1,000,000KHZ.




Special Only $569.00

Modular Design

When you buy a VariZapper, what looks just like one
unit really consists of two parts: the VariBase and the VariZapper Module. Just replace the VariZapper Module with the
VariGamma Module to turn your Zapper into a frequency generator or vice versa!

A Versatile Unit That Grows With You


VariGamma Module

Turn your VariZapper into a

programable frequency



Thanks to the modular design, this unit leaves you all options.
Upgrade your Zapper to a Frequency Generator whenever you want to, without the
need to buy a whole new unit – which is also more cost effective. You can add
any future units of the VariFamily whenever you need them.

Use or Make Program Driver Cards

Program Driver Cards contain pre programmed sequences of targeted frequencies according to Dr. Clark’s frequency
list. Simply plug them into your VariZapper and start! No programming necessary!

 Pre Made Program Drivers

Custom Program Drivers


$21.50 ea.

Up to 25 Steps ea!

Contact me before ordering.

Use the same Program Driver Cards on your VariGamma, or generate your own user
that can be used both on your VariZapper or VariGamma


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  An Investment in Yourself and Your Family


Save a fortune on doctor bills,

dangerous prescription drugs

and unnecessary surgery!

Create your own safe prescription.

Paperback lists about the same as

the above lists and then some.

$35.00 shipped seperatly


You will need the batteries and

rechargable batteries.



Battery Charger





Two pack 9 volt Rechargable Batteries


Twelve pack of empty

programable cards.





The Zappicator

Zappicator function (groceries zapping/zappicator board needed).

Built into both VariZapper/Gamma


Zappicator board Video



 flagWe Support The

Freedom To Choose!

After all, it's your body!

Take Control of Your Life Today!

The thrust of the orthodox pharmaceutical agenda is to provide temporary
, while never addressing the cause of the disease condition.
This agenda insures regular visits to the doctor's office and requires the
patient to routinely return to the pharmacy to refill his prescriptions. This is
what the game is all about folks, plain and simple. Deny it or Deal with
it,...Stick with it or Get Out of it! ... your choice.


 Email to: 1f.howard@att.net

Call 904 824 1826 for questions or support


Do Not Use The Zapper Directly on the Heart!

FTC regulates the VariZapper/Gamma to be sold as Tens devices for pain.

Products are sold for experimental and research purposes.

We make absolutely no claims of any cure for any disease using Rife technology. Individual results may vary. Rife and Clark Frequency Generators have not been approved by the FDA or AMA. The following disclaimer is required by FDA and AMA regulations: All information on this web site is provided for educational, research, and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used as medical advice. Nor are we intending to practice medicine.

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                  The Cure For All Diseases

                                         Combing Science With Nature

                      The universe is built on frequencies.

             Regeneration restores everything to

             its natural condition. 

             The word "regeneration" is the word

             "palingensia" in Greek. It comes from

              two Greek words"palin" = to vibrate,

              and "genesia"= nature. Dr Clarks

              books explains using vibrations to

              restore health naturaly.


               The Varizapper/Gamma 


          Used to kill parasites, viruses and

          bacteria, detox, resonate minerals,

          stimulate the immune system

           and more. See Lists above.


                            You will need this folks,

                      We are in a very real war zone,

                    though its under the microscope.

              The VariGamma will be your best friend!


     The Gamma used together with plate zapping

             can be used to resonate frequencies

                               into water.

           Make your own mineral water, vitamins,

                  create your own prescriptions!

       Zap all your organs, clear arteries and veins.

               See video on plate zapping cancer.

                                                   No diagnosis necessary

                 Plate zapping for Cancer

                                          See Video

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                        The Cure For

              All Diseases

                Free Book


                          It's The Gift that keeps on giving!  

                       Aids     asv cancer 



You can read and put your testimonials here.

Essiac Info

Essiac tea 4 less

Liver and kidney Cleanse

Oxygenius Ozonator


Makes a very powerful 


Delivers oxygen to the body!

Kills cancer cells!

Info on Ozone and Aids

Only $189.00                              


turns water into dienfectant



Reverse Osmosis 

Nimbus Water Maker

Portable, inexpensive!

water maker

Only $139.00!


Used to to detect frequencies

Out of stock

Next generation in the works!


Plate Zapper Beginner Set
Varizapper and carbon hand held not included
Includes, zapper plates, cables, 26 bottle copies,
40 empty bottles for drop copies. Everything
you need to get started.

      Plates for zapping
    Cables for Plate Zapping

Aluminum Shield $5.00 You will need two.

IC set, $5.00 two in a set.
Alligator adaptor for plate zapping and hand held pipes.
   Bottle copies


Distilled Water Maker




Silver Smart

Digital Colloidal Silver Maker

Only $229.00




 This 21 Day Program is to be used with the Book

 Cure for Advanced Cancer 

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This Book Is Essential For This Program And Is Sold Seperatly.  

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